El Cabrón

In the rugged coastal zone which belongs to Agüimes next to the beach of El Cabron is a great zone for scuba diving. That place has such a rich underwater world that it got nominated to become the future marine reserve in Arinaga. It is a beautiful dive for anyone who loves the sport.

It goes over a beautiful rock formation at about 12m depth along a reef to the various cracks and caves down to 23m where you can find a huge variety of life. One of the spectacular things to see is the big schools of ‘Roncadores’.

In front of you as far as you can see is white sand which is home to other species again. Along the reefs and hidden in cracks you will find Moray eels or Spider crabs and as you swim along have a look above there might be a school of Barracudas lining up and getting ready for hunting.